By Emmanuel Oloniruha

The Legwork Herald LTD, an international business management consulting company, has advised Nigerians in the Diaspora to engage legitimate firms for proper management of their investments and projects at home.

The Chief Executive Officer of Legwork, Mr Olufemi Odebode, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

Odebode said that the engagement of legitimate service providers would protect them from falling victim to unsuspecting family members or friends defrauding them of money sent home for project or business.

He said there were lots of instances some Nigerians in diaspora with plan to return home in future invested back in Nigeria, but were disappointed because they fell into the hands of wrong person who could not monitor or handle their projects.

He said that credible organisations like Legwork would help Nigerians in diaspora to monitor or manage their investments and projects in Nigeria, without losing sleep.

“Some Nigerians who have businesses here and are relocating do consider shutting them down because many at times people just mess up their businesses.

“If they had contacted us we could have helped them handle with the management.

“In situation where they have managers we can come in as third party, monitor the business or project, do the due diligence and send real time reports to the owner for appropriate action at the appropriate time.

“This will help them to double check, knows when something is going wrong and address it early enough,” he said.

Odebode said that the volume of remittance from Nigerians in the Diaspora was too massive to be allowed to be mismanaged by people who are not trustworthy or lack management skills.

“As at 2018 the revenue that came in from diaspora was more than the revenue from oil.

“There is also what we call help from abroad. It is massive because almost every family has one or two members abroad,” he said.

Odebode also advised Nigerians in diaspora interested in investing in Nigeria do it with due diligence.

He said that Legwork also rendered services to Nigerians who had businesses and projects in any parts of the country but were too busy to give it the needed attention.

“Let us assume you live in Lagos and you need to go to Maiduguri for a project. Instead of you traveling by road or by air to supervise or monitor we can do the errand job for you in professional ways.

“We have a system where we engage our agents, who are across the country, to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction while you time for other important things,” Odebode said.

He said that the Legwork services included project management, real estate, construction, events management, facilitating/anchoring, compliance and legal services, due diligence, logistics and consulting.

“All a client need to do is to contacts our team with a request and we, in turn, go through our registered agents/vendors who are all verified, for the best hand to execute the client’s tasks,” he said.

He said that in carrying out its services the company works with its partners including construction companies, insurance companies and other service providers among others.

He said Legwork in carrying out its services also improve the global image of Nigeria by serving as a link between the Nigerian economy and the world.

He said that the services were being done through the company unique combination of consulting, knowledge, assurance, resilience, integrity, and regulatory services which inspires trust in its products, systems, services, and Nigeria

He also advised government to put in place more policies that would encourage Nigerians in diaspora to invest more back home in the country.

“I will say Federal Government is doing well in this area including allowing market forces to determine the foreign exchange rate.

“Another thing government can do is to improve the power sector and infrastructure facilities and address insecurity,” he said.(NAN)(


Edited by Isaac Aregbesola